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Mushrooms remind us of humility, life cycles and interconnection. I strive to honor this wisdom by lovingly and accurately hand-crafting their fruiting bodies from the very medium they grow -- Earth (AKA ceramics). My pieces in homes, workplace and gardens don't just serve as whimsical decoration, but they also encourage us to be more attuned to our surroundings and remind us of our own roots -- or shall we say mycelium.

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Originally from San Diego, I never felt quite comfortable there so I explored the West Coast and landed in Vancouver, Washington where I enjoy the rain, culture and natural beauty. As an animal lover, my exuberant heeler / shepherd mix is a constant companion who makes sure I take breaks from working in the studio by calling me out on adventurous hikes. As I was growing up, I was always tinkering or creating something, I loved to do little crafts either by myself or with my Girl Scout troop. In high school, I started sewing and making my own clothes which led me to major in costume and set design for theater during college. After college I made sails at a sail-maker’s loft and made costumes for a small circus. In 2019, I decided to try out a pottery class at a studio down the street and I quickly fell in love with the medium. About the same time, I was also getting into mushroom identification and wild foraging. These two passions quickly fused and I began creating realistic mushroom sculptures which has evolved so much and has been incredibly rewarding. 

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Vancouver, WA, USA


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Upcoming Markets and Festivals 

NW Herb Fair : June 8-11///// Urban Craft Uprising at Derby Days : July 14-15///// Urban Craft Uprising at Magnuson Park : July 29-30////// Scandinavian Festival in Junction City, OR : Aug 10-13/////// Telluride Mushroom Festival: Aug 16-20////// Imagine Gathering Orcas Island : Sept 8-10//////// Temple of Belonging (Women’s Gathering): Sept 22-24

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